Will Gamification Hiring Outlive the Hype?

Usage of gamification as a business strategy seems to be moving beyond innovators and extending to early adopters. Although the number of companies using gamification for employee performance, training and development, innovation management, sustainability and health, and customer engagement is increasing, this doesn't mean that they are using it effectively. Gartner predicts that by 2014, 80% of gamification strategies will fail to meet business objectives. They credit the failure to lack of game design talent, poor design, and lack of planning. Is there a shortage of qualified candidates with gamification skills in the workforce? Currently, there are 350 jobs available and our candidate supply estimates there are about 3,600 qualified candidates in the workforce. This calculates to about 10 candidates for every opening. This skill scores a 53 on our Hiring Scale, indicating that it's moderately difficult-to-recruit. Our Hiring Scale ranges from 1 - 99, with 99 denoting hardest-to-fill. Hiring Scale scores are based on supply and demand, salary, local conditions, unemployment rates, job site source, and many other factors. The hiring difficulty level will vary depending on the job that requires this skill set. Web Developers and Marketing Managers with gamification experience score the highest on our Hiring Scale, demonstrating that these jobs are likely to be the hardest-to-recruit. Below are the jobs that most commonly require gamification experience and their Hiring Scale scores.

Occupation Hiring Scale Score
Software Developers, Applications Marketing Managers Web Developers Customer Service Representatives Training and Development Specialists First-Line Supervisors of Office and Administration Support Workers Computer Occupations, All Other Network and Computer Systems Administrators Computer and Information Systems Managers Computer User Support Specialists 77 92 93 27 45 39 87 85 49 60
Demand for each of the occupations listed above increased when comparing the past 60 days to the same 60-day period last year. Overall, hiring for gamification skills increased 216% during this time frame. Will gamification hype continue to increase hiring demand or will it fade as companies encounter planning and design challenges? Will recruiting conditions become more difficult if demand continues to grow? Keep track of gamification supply and demand at Jobs. Trends. Insight.

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