What Jobs Have Unbalanced Supply and Demand?

Last week, we announced our latest feature in Analytics, Demand Pressure. It is a ratio of the number of job candidates in the workforce for every job posted online, showing the market pressure Recruiters are likely to experience when trying to fill any job. We thought it would be interesting to look at all the occupational fields in the US and see which ones have the lowest number of candidates per job.

It’s probably not too surprising that computer and mathematical (tech) fields are feeling the most pressure. There are currently about 355,000 tech related jobs being advertised in the US, and about 4.4 million people in the workforce in tech jobs. Over 4 million people may sound like a lot, but it works out to about 12 potential candidates for every job opening in the national talent pool. However, as supply and demand vary from location to location, the Demand Pressure ratio will also change. For example, San Francisco currently has one of the highest supply and demand in the US. But, demand outweighs their local supply, bringing their Demand Pressure ratio down to 8 potential candidates per job opening. This means it will be significantly more difficult to source potential candidates in San Francisco, compared to nationally. In addition, you can use the Demand Pressure ratio to find other locations to target your candidate search. We see that the nearby Santa Rosa-Petaluma metro area has less pressure on the talent market, with 36 potential candidates in the tech workforce for every job opening - more than 4 times as many as in San Francisco.

6.16.14 Demand Pressure Tech Jobs

Other jobs that will likely see a lot of demand pressure are management; architecture and engineering; sales; and arts, design, entertainment, and media occupations.

6.16.14 Demand Pressure 2

Management jobs appear with the 2nd lowest Demand Pressure ratio, with 17 candidates for every job opening currently being advertised. Architecture and engineering, like tech, is a STEM field and you would likely expect to see a lot of competition for this talent. Manpower's Talent Shortage Survey for 2014 shows that sales jobs are likely to be among the hardest to fill jobs in the US. Our demand pressure ratio shows there are 23 people in sales jobs for every job opening, making it the 4th most pressured talent pool, tied with arts, design, entertainment, and media related occupations.

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