Video Gamers Still Growing in Demand

During the past 90 days, more than 3,200 job ads were posted online for video gaming talent. Gaming platforms are growing among consumers and companies have increased their use of “gamification” strategies, creating this need for professionals to develop, market, and sell video games.  Despite a slowing in the last quarter of 2012, which may just be a seasonal effect, the number of gaming job ads grew 30% compared to one year ago.

Hiring Demand for Video Gaming Professionals - 4 Year Hiring Trend

Hiring Demand for Video Gaming Jobs
Source: WANTED Analytics

Technology jobs lead hiring demand in the US, with more than 2,000 jobs for gaming professionals in the past 3 months. This represents approximately 40% of all hiring demand. Some of the other in-demand fields include marketing, arts and design, and sales occupations.  Below are the 10 most commonly advertised job titles that require video game skills or experience:

  1. Game Advisor
  2. Video Gaming User Specialist
  3. Merchandising Specialist
  4. Video Game Sales Specialist
  5. Video Game Demonstrator
  6. Event Specialist
  7. Assistant Store Manager
  8. Senior Software Engineer
  9. Software Engineer
  10. Store Manager
With increasing hiring across the US, employers and staffing firms are likely to find these positions difficult to recruit. Our Hiring Scale scores video game jobs as a 71, out of a possible 99 (where 99 would denote the hardest-to-fill.) The metro areas with the best recruiting conditions currently are Tucson (Arizona), Madison (Wisconsin), and Salt Lake City (Utah.) In these cities, there is less demand on the local talent pool. This means that Recruiters are likely to experience less competition from other employers to attract similar talent and see a shorter time-to-fill for open positions.

Hiring Scale for Video Gaming Jobs in Tucson, AZ  (Easier-to-Fill Location)

Hiring Scale for Video Gaming Jobs in Tucson, AZ - easier-to-fill location
Source: WANTED Analytics

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