Human Skills that Can Compete with Robots

While there are fears that artificial intelligence can eliminate certain jobs, the Futurist Writer, Author, and Director of EraNova Institute, Richard W. Samson, says if we play our cards right, jobs for "knowledge work" with "highly human skills" will be plentiful. "Highly human skills" are jobs that machines cannot perform, "skills that are too quirky, unpredictable, emotional, or intuitive to program or automate - skills like perceptiveness, awareness, responsibility, and caring." Samson elaborates and lists specific skills that can't be duplicated by artificial intelligence. How in-demand are his "highly human skills".

1. Hypothesizing - Of each of these highly human skills, hypothesize or hypothesis is the least in-demand, with about 2,400 job ads. Despite having the lowest volume, demand for this ability increased at the highest rate since June 2009, 250%. Business and financial occupations most commonly advertised this feature. It was most sought after in the research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences (except biotechnology) industry.

2. Creativity - Job ad volume for creative or creativity skills increased 184% since June 2009. There were over 440,500 job ads that required creativity in candidates last month. This skill was most often needed in Marketing Managers. Demand was highest in colleges, universities, and professional schools.

3. Imagination - Demand for imagination actually decreased 13% when comparing June 2013 to June 2012. Of about 12,200 job ads in June 2013, 16% of those were in management occupations, the most of any other occupation. Preschool Teachers (except special education) were the job with the highest number of job ads posted online.

4. Subjective Decision Making - In June 2013, there were more than 207,000 job ads for decision making skills. Jobs for this skill really surged in the past 4 years. When comparing June 2009 to June 2013, the number of ads rose 221%. Management occupations most commonly required this ability. In June 2013, the greatest need for decision making experience was in commercial banking.

5. Social Skills - About 8,000 job ads appeared online for social skills in June 2013. This represents a 12% increase over June 2012. Social skills were most commonly required by Community and Social Service occupations in elementary and secondary schools, as well as other individual and family services.

6. Responsibility - Responsibility was the most demanded highly human skill with over 620,400 jobs ads posted online in June, up 13% over June 2012 and up 199% since June 2009. This attribute was mostly advertised in management job ads. Industries where they require the most candidates to be responsible were general medical and surgical hospitals and limited service restaurants.

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