Hiring for Project Management Skills Grows to New Highs

We've noticed recently that project management skills have been commonly required across many different occupations and industries. We thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at hiring demand for this skill set, the jobs that commonly require it, and how difficult-to-recruit this talent is. During May 2012, more than 235,000 online job listings included requirements for project management skills, an 11% increase compared to May 2011 and more than 51% compared to May 2010.

Hiring Demand for Project Management Skills in the US - 4 Year Hiring Trend

Hiring Demand for Project Management Skills
Source: WANTED Analytics

Project management skills are required in jobs across most fields. However, as companies migrate to new technologies, IT-related jobs most commonly require project management experience and represent 41% of all jobs that include this specification.  In fact, of the below 10 occupations with the most online ads that require project management, 7 are technology occupations. Other common occupations to require this knowledge and experience are Industrial Engineers, Marketing Managers, and Management Analysts.

10 Occupations with Most Job Ads Requiring Project Management

Occupations that Require Project Management Skills
Source: WANTED Analytics

The five metropolitan areas with the highest volume of online job ads requiring project management skills were New York, Washington (DC), Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Employers in New York placed the greatest volume of online job ads, with more than 19,000 during May at a 6% year-over-year increase. However, employers in Chicago experienced the highest growth in demand of these five cities at more than 20% during May.

As demand grows and Recruiters compete more heavily to attract potential candidates, companies are likely to find project management skills hard-to-recruit, particularly when sourcing in previously mentioned high demand areas. Our Hiring Scale™, employers in Washington, DC are currently experiencing some of the heaviest competition to attract talent and may experience a longer time-to-fill than many other areas across the United States. In fact, the average posting period in Washington, DC is about 6.5 weeks.

Hiring Scale for Project Management Skills - Washington, DC (Hard-to-Fill Location)

Hiring Scale for Project Management Skills - Washington, DC
Source: WANTED Analytics

The Hiring Scale also shows that some of the best places to recruit project management professionals are currently Grand Forks (ND), Binghamton (NY), and Lynchburg (VA). These areas are likely to fill job openings faster than the rest of the United States. Online job ads in these areas are posted for as few as 3 weeks, less than half the average posting period as in Washington, DC.

Are you sourcing for project managers? Find out if they are likely to be easier to recruit in your city with the free, online Hiring Scale! Just tell us where the job is located and which position you are hiring for, and we'll show you a Hiring Scale snapshot for your area, average salary information, and who you are competing with to attract talent.