Hiring for Human Resources Grows in Canada

It's been a while since we shared trends about hiring demand for HR professionals in Canada. When we last covered this topic in May, we saw that demand declined at the end of 2012, and hadn't quite bounced back to previous levels. In September, there were 6,300 jobs for HR professionals in Canada, the same level of demand that was seen during September of 2012. The majority of hiring demand and growth was seen in Toronto. In fact, Toronto grew 8.6% over the past year, reaching a four-year high in the number of jobs posted for HR professionals during September 2013. About 28% of all HR jobs were located in the Toronto metro area.

Hiring Demand for HR Jobs in Canada - Top 5 Locations

Hiring demand for HR jobs in Canada - top 5 locations
Source: WANTED Analytics

The most commonly advertised job titles are listed below. Most of the titles below are general human resources titles. Like in the US, Recruiter is the most in-demand HR job title in Canada.

  1. Recruiter
  2. Human Resources Manager
  3. Human Resources Generalist
  4. Payroll Administrator
  5. Manager
  6. Human Resources Assistant
  7. Human Resources Coordinator
  8. Human Resources Administrator
  9. Human Resources Advisor
  10. Director Human Resources
What skills are most in demand for HR professionals in Canada? Here are the top 5:
  1. Bilingual French
  2. Bilingual
  3. Oracle HRIS
  4. Oracle PeopleSoft
  5. Business strategy
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