20 Most In-Demand HR Job Titles

There are currently more than 12,000 employers recruiting for human resource positions. With hiring for this field continuing strongly, we wanted to look at the types of HR professionals that are most in-demand by employers. Below are the 20 most  commonly advertised jobs in human resources.

  1. Recruiter
  2. Human Resources Assistant
  3. Payroll Specialist
  4. Technical Recruiter
  5. Payroll Clerk
  6. Human Resources Coordinator
  7. Payroll Administrator
  8. Recruiting Coordinator
  9. Senior Recruiter
  10. Human Resources Specialist
  11. HR Assistant
  12. Corporate Recruiter
  13. Staffing Coordinator
  14. Human Resources Department Supervisor
  15. Human Resources Representative
  16. Staffing Specialist
  17. Information Technology Recruiter
  18. Human Resources Assistant
  19. Executive Recruiter
  20. HR Coordinator
Of these 20 titles, 9 are for recruiting or staffing positions. We recently reported that Recruiters are the most in-demand HR field. 3 of the above are for Payroll jobs, and the remaining 8 are for general HR jobs.