10 Best Cities to Recruit Cyber Security Professionals

Public and private organizations are expanding their cyber security workforce. The Pentagon recently announced they will add 4,000 new cyber security jobs to their existing staff of about 900, growing by more than 340%. Hundreds of private organizations have also announced similar plans to increase their workforce over the next year. If you are recruiting for cyber security professionals, you are likely finding these jobs hard-to-fill and experiencing significant competition to attract talent. Unfortunately, it's not likely to get any easier as more and more organizations look to hire from this limited talent pool. To give you a competitive advantage and to help you fill jobs faster, we wanted to provide you with the 10 cities that are currently experiencing the best conditions for sourcing this talent.

Difficulty-to-Fill for Cyber Security Jobs in the United States

Hiring Scale for Cyber Security Professionals in the United States
Source: WANTED Analytics

Above is a map of major metropolitan areas and Hiring Scales, which depict the estimated difficulty-to-fill for cyber security jobs. On average, our cyber security jobs score a 76 on our Hiring Scale, out of a possible 99 where 99 would represent the hardest-to-fill. Also, we are able to see that the average posting period of a cyber security job ad is 6 weeks. This doesn't necessarily mean that jobs take 6 weeks to fill, simply that job ads for this talent stay online for this amount of time. Positions may take longer than this to fill depending on interview and offer processes.

The 10 cities with the best average recruiting conditions are:

  1. Toledo, OH
  2. Tucson, AZ
  3. Killeen-Fort Hood, TX
  4. Duluth, MN
  5. Syracuse, NY
  6. Springfield, MA
  7. Reno, NV
  8. Riverside-San Bernardino, CA
  9. Birmingham, AL
  10. Orlando, FL
In the above 10 cities, there are only a few job ads posted online. Yet, there are enough potential candidates working in cyber security to support the local hiring demand without feeling unnecessary strains. In addition, the average posting period is even with or less than the national average. However, conditions still range significantly in these cities. For example, the Hiring Scale in Toledo is a 17. This city is currently experiencing the best conditions in the US. However, the city ranked in the 10th spot, Orlando, has a Hiring Scale score of 57. Although it's much higher than Toledo, it's still better than the national average.

Hiring Scale for Cyber Security Professionals in Orlando, FL

Hiring Scale for Cyber Security Professionals in Orlando, FL
Source: WANTED Analytics

By sourcing potential candidates in the above 10 cities, you may be able to fill jobs faster due to less competition and having more candidates to source from. If relocating a new employee isn't an option for your company, look to surrounding cities where you might be able to find talent easier. For example, Washington, DC is likely to see growing difficulties. But, cities like Harrisburg and Philadelphia (PA) and Newport (VA) may be options for Recruiters. These 3 cities have Hiring Scale scores lower than the national average and may be close enough to find potential candidates.

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