About Us

About us

WANTED Analytics™ combines real-time, global business intelligence with years of hiring demand and talent supply data to help make better strategic business decisions. By collecting hiring trend data from more than 150 countries, Analytics provides HR professionals with the data to:

  • Guide a global workforce strategy
  • Develop talent acquisition tactics for hard-to-fill positions
  • Survey the entire candidate universe and competitive landscape
  • Use competitive intelligence to understand the external environment

Additionally, clients in the staffing, HR, RPO, media, and government sectors use WANTED Analytics to find sales leads, analyze employment trends, gather competitive intelligence, forecast economic conditions, and source hard-to-fill positions.

WANTED is also the exclusive data provider for The Conference Board’s Help- Wanted OnLine Data Series™, the monthly economic indicator of Hiring Demand in the United States.

WANTED Technologies (TSX-V:WAN) was founded in 1999. The company’s headquarters are in Quebec City, Canada, and it maintains a US-based subsidiary with primary offices in New York City. The company began collecting detailed Hiring Demand data in October 2002, and currently maintains a database of more than one billion unique job listings.

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