Which Social Network Skill is Most In-demand?

Recently we wrote about hiring trends for social media networks such as Google+, Pinterest and Instagram, which made us wonder, how do these pair up against each other? And how do they compare to Facebook and Twitter.

More than 66,000 job ads were posted online that refer to the term social media in August. This is up 216% from two years ago.

Hiring Demand Growth Chart for Social Media Skills

Hiring Demand Growth Chart for Social Media Skills

As a review from our previous articles:

Job ads highlighting Google+ skills emerged in July 2011. Hiring demand for this skill continues to climb. Last month there were more than 350 job ads posted online. Volume of job ads increased 342% compared to August 2011.

Hiring demand for Instagram skills edges out the demand for Google+ skills. More than 700 jobs ads refer to Instagram knowledge. Volume of jobs ad grew over 4,000% since last year.

Pinterest skills are in higher demand than Google+ and Instagram with more than 2,100 job ads listed online. Job ads for Pinterest skills started to take off around March this year. Since then, volume of job ads increased 265%.

Now, we'll look at some social media skills we haven't looked at recently, Twitter and Facebook. More than 63,000 job ads were posted online that refer to Twitter. This is a 190% increase from 2 years ago.

Hiring Demand Growth Chart for Twitter Skills

Hiring Demand Growth Chart for Twitter Skills

Job ads referring to Facebook far surpass all other social network sites. More than 247,000 job ads refer to Facebook. The volume of ads listed online in August 2012 is a 252% increase from a year ago.

Facebook Hiring Demand Growth Chart

Hiring Demand Growth Chart for Facebook Skills

With so many social network site skills increasing in demand. We thought, we should also look at hiring demand for MySpace. With the emergence of Facebook, users seemed to switch from MySpace to Facebook. With this switch, MySpace's popularity declined and so did hiring demand as you can see below. In the past 4 years, hiring demand for MySpace skills declined 42%. However, MySpace is referred to more often than Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ with more than 2,400 job ads posted online. MySpace skills are mostly requested by Telecommunication, Radio and Television Broadcasting, Motion Picture and Video, and Amusement and Theme Parks industries.

Hiring Demand Growth Chart for MySpace Skills

Hiring Demand Growth Chart for Myspace Skills
Facebook is the most in-demand social network followed by Twitter. Of the newest social media networks, Pinterest has the most demand. Will Facebook be able to hold the number one spot?

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