Is There a Science to Recruiting?

Science - it's the "S" in STEM. As would probably be expected of a STEM career, there is high demand for science related professionals in the United States. However, there are challenges to recruiting enough qualified talent due to competition and high barriers for professionals to enter this occupational area. In January, there were about 68,000 jobs available online for Scientists. This is a 16% year-over-year increase, when compared to 2012, and 43% from 2009 when the recession had started. 86% of these jobs were posted directly by the employers, while about 14% were advertised by third party staffing and recruiting agencies. Among the industries with the highest demand for scientists were pharmaceutical manufacturing, colleges and universities, conservation programs, research and development (life, physical, and engineering sciences,) and medical and surgical hospitals.

Industries with Most Demand for Scientists

Industries with Most Demand for Scientists
Source: WANTED Analytics

The most in-demand occupations for Scientists during January were:

  1. Research Analysts
  2. Medical Scientists (except Epidemiologists)
  3. Biological Technicians
  4. Chemists
  5. Environmental Science and Protection Technicians
  6. Clinical Psychologists
  7. Environmental Scientists
  8. Geoscientists
  9. Food Scientists and Technologists
  10. Chemical Technicians
Research Analysts not only saw the greatest number of available job ads, but also saw one of the highest year-over-year growth. During January, there were 22% more jobs for Research Analysts than were posted during January of 2012. Clinical Psychologists and Food Scientists were the only occupations on the above list to see higher growth, with 34% more psychologist and 30% more food scientist jobs online this year.

Also, we wanted to look at where the jobs for Scientists were located. The metro area with the greatest number of job ads during January was  New York. There were more than 6,200 available Scientist ads in the New York City area, a 22% increase from last year. Other cities with high demand included Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington (DC.) These 4 locations all had at least 3,000 online job ads last month and can claim year-over-year growth in hiring demand.

With demand for Scientists growing, it's likely that Recruiters will see more competition to attract talent, more difficult recruiting conditions, and a longer time-to-fill. Our Hiring Scale scores Scientist jobs as a 60 (out of a possible 99, with 99 being the hardest-to-fill.) However, this will vary depending on the specific type of science related job you are recruiting for. For example, Chemists score a 20, while Food Scientists score a 63. The best locations to source Scientists are Rochester (New York) and Peoria (Illinois.) Both of these locations score a 6 on our Hiring Scale and average a 3.5 week average posting period.

Hiring Scale for Scientists in the United States

hiring scale for recruiting Scientists
Source: WANTED Analytics

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