Classified Hiring Trends for TS SCI Clearance

Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS SCI) clearance is one of the top 5 most advertised certifications/clearances nationally and ranks #1 for information technology jobs. TS SCI may continue to top the lists, but demand for this authorization declined in the past year. During March 2013, there were about 20,000 job ads posted online, down 23% from March 2012.

Hiring Demand for TS SCI Clearance

Hiring Demand for TS SCI

Job ads for TS SCI clearance most often appear in computer systems design services; engineering services; and in search, detection, navigation, guidance, aeronautical, and nautical system and instrument industries. Each of these areas saw a decrease in demand over the past year. Below are the job titles that most often require TS SCI clearance.

Most Commonly Advertised Job Titles for TS SCI Clearance

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Systems Engineer
  3. Systems Administrator
  4. Senior Systems Engineer
  5. Network Engineer
  6. Social Scientist Human Terrain
  7. Senior Software Engineer
  8. Program Manager
  9. Technical Lead
  10. Senior Network Engineer
Since we last covered hiring demand for TS SCI clearance, the 5 most advertised job titles remain the same. However, there are 3 new job titles this time: Social Scientist Human Terrain, Technical Lead, and Senior Network Engineer. They replaced Senior Systems Administrator, Java Developer and Intelligence Analyst.

In March, Washington (DC) continued to experience the most demand for job ads that require TS SCI clearance. Since TS SCI is often required for government and contractor jobs, it makes sense that this security clearance is most in-demand here. Of the 10 cities with the greatest demand, only Charlottesville had year-over-year growth. Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News saw the largest drop in demand, declining 37%.

Cities with the Most Demand for TS SCI Clearance

Cities with the Most Demand for TS SCI

On average, Recruiters are likely to find it difficult-to-hire candidates with TS SCI clearance, scoring a 66 on our Hiring Scale. The Hiring Scale measures difficulty on a scale of 0 - 99, where 99 demonstrates hardest-to-fill. With most of these jobs being located in Washington (DC) and in government contracting, many Recruiters may need to relocate candidates in order to compete for talent. Recruiters in Washington (DC) can look to nearby cities that present better recruiting conditions, such as Atlantic City and Vineland (NJ), which both score a 20 or below and are about 3 hours away from the nation's capitol. Nationally, job ads for TS SCI clearance are posted online for an average of about 7 weeks. In Vineland, the time period that jobs ads are posted online, resumes are collected, and the interviewing process begins is about 4 1/2 weeks (2 weeks less than average) and in Atlantic City it's about 6 weeks (1 weeks less than average). Each of the cities below present favorable recruiting conditions and job ads are posted online in these cities for less than 7 weeks.

Best Cities for Recruiting TS SCI Cleared Candidates and Their Hiring Scale Scores

  • Stockton, CA - 22
  • Beaumont, TX - 24
  • Peoria, IL - 25
  • San Angelo, TX - 30
  • Bremerton, WA - 31

Milwaukee (WI) currently has the most challenging recruiting conditions, scoring an 88. In this city job ads are posted online for about 8 weeks. Recruiters can look to relocate talent from nearby cities with better recruiting conditions, such as Peoria (IL), which is listed above, and Cedar Rapids (IA). Job ads are posted online in Peoria for about 6 weeks and 5 weeks in Cedar Rapids.

Hiring Scale for TS SCI Clearance

Hiring Scale for TS SCI Clearance

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