Best Cities to Recruit HR Professionals

Last week, we shared with you the 10 cities in the US where HR professionals are likely to be the most difficult to recruit. Today, we wanted to flip the scale, and show you the 10 best places to find HR professionals. As a reminder, based on current talent supply, growing hiring demand, salaries, and general talent market conditions, our Hiring Scale scores HR jobs across the US at a 59. This means they are likely to be moderately difficult-to-fill. Below is a chart of these 10 locations that are likely to experience the best overall conditions when sourcing for HR jobs.

10 Best Places to Recruit HR Professionals

Best Places to Recruit HR Pro's
Source: WANTED Analytics

Just as with the hardest places to recruit, these cities seem to spread out across the US. Currently, the Norwich, CT metro area scores the lowest on our Hiring Scale, with a 16. Of these 10 cities, Norwich also has the lowest demand for HR professionals. This could be one reason that this location scores lower on the Hiring Scale, since the scores take the number of jobs into account. In fact, all 10 of the locations listed above saw year-over-year declines in demand. The largest decrease was in Jackson, MS where there were 40% fewer jobs for HR professionals in August 2013 than in August 2012.

If you are currently recruiting for HR professionals in these cities, you are likely to find few challenges with sourcing candidates. However, if you are looking for an HR job in one of these 10 cities, you will likely experience a lot of competition from other applicants and it may take longer to find employment.

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