Are Interns Filling Hiring Demand?

The Wall Street Journal recently featured an article stating that employers more commonly convert interns into full-time employment when they are looking to hire. While this has been a common practice in finance and many other organizations, many other businesses, like tech and start up firms, are starting to use this process. We wanted to take a look at some of the industries and types of internships that are most commonly advertised.

In May, there were 66,000 internships being advertised online, a 33% year-over-year increase in demand. The 5 industries with the most intern job listings were:

  1. Semiconductor and Related Device Manufacturing
  2. Engineering Services
  3. General Medical and Surgical Hospitals
  4. Software Publishers
  5. Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
Of these 5 industries, Semiconductor and Related Device Manufacturing not only had the most intern job ads last month, but also had the largest increase year-over-year. In May, there were 87% more jobs for internships than during May of 2012. Engineering Services was the only industry of the above 5 that declined. Hiring demand for interns was down about 41% in May 2013 versus May 2012.

Business and financial fields had the most demand for interns in May, followed by IT fields. With both of these fields showing more than 12,000 jobs for interns during May, the WSJ may be correct in stating that tech and start up firms are beginning to heavily compete with financial fields to attract intern talent. Other in-demand fields were arts, design, sports and media; architecture and engineering; and general management. The most commonly advertised unique intern job titles are:

  1. Intern
  2. Marketing Intern
  3. Pharmacy Intern
  4. College Intern
  5. Information Technology Intern
  6. Accounting Intern
  7. Software Engineering Intern
  8. Student Intern I
  9. Human Resources Intern
  10. Student Intern Technical I
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